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  • Sixth Sense Video

    by Barry Chudakov on December 27th, 2009

    Here is a wonderful video from Pranav Mistry, discussing the latest uses of his Sixth Sense technology. Note that he gives this talk in India and that he is more interested in widespread adoption of the technology, bridging the digital divide, than in pure profit. Note too Mistry’s notion of objects as integrating the physical and digital worlds. This has widespread implications and value for many aspects of education and commerce, among others.

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  • The Pinball Effect

    by Barry Chudakov on December 21st, 2009

    As part of a discovery process (What I’ve discovered on Twitter) started by the brilliant and peripatetic Venessa Miemiss, here are a few thoughts about the role of Twitter in our lives and Metalives. Many of these insights have their origin in my understanding and appreciation of James Burke’s, The Pinball Effect:

    “Knowledge has many unforeseen and surprising effects. Like a pinball, a simple discovery in one area can—through necessity, intuition, or serendipity—connect with, bounce off, and redirect the course of another seemingly unrelated discovery made elsehwere in the world or at a distant time.”

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  • Sixth Sense

    by Barry Chudakov on December 14th, 2009

    “What I am in interested in is how we can combine the two worlds — the physical world and the digital world ….”

    When I read those words by Sixth Sense inventor, Pranav Mistry, in the New York Times recently, I recalled an interview with author William Gibson who said in 2007: “One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real, the virtual from the real. In the future, that will become literally impossible. The distinction between cyberspace and that which isn’t cyberspace is going to be unimaginable.”

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  • Meta Tiger

    by Barry Chudakov on December 7th, 2009

    As Tiger Woods’ recent accident and mounting revelations work their way through the 24/7 spin cycle, it is time to consider this remarkable saga from another level. Tiger Woods is a case study in having a Metalife and the bewildering consequences that stem from it. After the dust and details settle, this story compels a basic question: whose Metalife is it, anyway?

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