by Barry Chudakov on April 24th, 2010

Digital Kids

Here is a compelling graphic showing how mobile devices and digital media are changing the ways kids live and learn. As with many aspects of Metalife, these devices and media create opportunities and present potential dangers. We’ll be writing more about both in the near future.




For a full discussion, go to Common Sense Media’s white paper: Do Smart Phones = Smart Kids? For a larger view of the graphic, click here.


Source: Arrival at school (first day), Flickr, The Tedious Teddy Ted


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  1. cartagena jack permalink

    Thank you SO much for this! I’ve just forwarded the link to the teacher’s i know – you’re riding out front of the herd here Mr. Metalife. Good info showing some positives in all this electronic frenzy.

  2. This is the age of technology. So the digital kids issue it seems to me is simple. With the benefits of technology comes a lot of detriment. We should avoid the detriment for our kid’s benefits. Thanks dude :)

  3. Metalifestream permalink

    Thank you for your comments. I think you’re right about the benefits of technology and what you call ‘detriment’ or what I might call the other side of the coin. Check out this recent Salon interview ( with Cathy N. Davidson, a professor at Duke. She feels, as I do, that we need to teach kids differently and use the technology that surrounds them in the teaching. You might also be interested in one of my other posts called “Gadget Angst” ( where I talk about how anxiety over our tools and technlogy is an old issue that we’ve been dealing with since the invention of alphabets. The one thing I would say is that ‘avoiding’ the complexities of technology is not easy, maybe not even possible. So educating our kids about how technology works, and works on them, is essential.

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