by Barry Chudakov on October 18th, 2009


Welcome to an ongoing exploration. Slipping into the Metalifestream, we’re setting out on a journey without a specific destination. We are, however, equipped with a navigational compass and some decent maps. The compass is our intent to listen to the lives of anyone whom we meet along the way or who comes on the journey with us. The maps are a few core ideas of how communication tools work. We’ll present those maps from time to time just as we’ll profile our fellow travelers.

Photo courtesy of John Cowley of Dublin, Ireland (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of John Cowley of Dublin, Ireland (Flickr)

As we shove off, waving at us from the virtual shore is Lucilla Cardinali. In the June 23rd 2009 issue of Current Biology, Cardinali and her colleagues discovered that when we use a tool—even for a few minutes—the brain incorporates the tool into the body. The tool becomes part of what psychologists call the body schema. In other words, when we use it we embody the tool, it becomes part of us.


We’ll take that idea and let it steer us in the right direction, wherever that may be. You are not only invited to come along for the ride, you’re welcome to tell us stories, open up for an interview, send us your Metalife for the Gallery, show us your MetaMoments, or suggest Metalife trends. We invite you to leap into the Metalifestream.


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