by Barry Chudakov on October 15th, 2009


We are exploring a wide variety of trends from a Metalife perspective: how are we changing as we inter/adapt with a welter of new and evolving communication tools? From the larger context of our longer time frame, we are able to help corporations, hospital complexes, school systems, churches and others understand the massive change that we are experiencing today.

In this way, understanding Metalife trends helps these organizations to put change into a timely and useful perspective that is both challenging and empowering.

If you have an idea for an emerging Metalife trend, or would like to comment on anything you read about here, please send us your thoughts:


Photo credit: -- 2007 Web Trend Map, by ♥ China ♥ guccio

Photo credit: -- 2007 Web Trend Map, by ♥ China ♥ guccio


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