by Barry Chudakov on November 28th, 2009

Obama in Vogue

About the time Metalifestream was preparing the BarackObama Dot Com post, Russell Adams of the Wall Street Journal Digits blog wrote a post revealing that Vogue Magazine has hired Blue State Digital to implement paid subscriptions on, essentially to capitalize on the success of their strategy to help the Obama campaign raise some $500 million online.

Adams raises an important question here that is worth reiterating. Tom Florio, publishing director for Vogue and several other Conde Nast magazines, asks: “Can we take a strategy to build a political candidate and apply it to a magazine like Vogue?”



Blue State Digital applies a strategy that it calls a ‘relationship ladder’ which breaks down involvement of various groups with the brand. An essential Metalife dynamic is germane to this discussion:

If a Metalife emerges from our interactions with communication tools, how do you deliberately craft a Metalife? Is a Metalife built solely around a person, and from that base comes a persona, and then an image?

Or can you adapt a strategy built around a living, breathing person and apply it to a brand such as a magazine where living, breathing persons show up and lend their voices, but they are necessarily more abstract, and more diverse than a single persona?

The Metalife Project is focused on answering similar questions for corporations and brands. Metalifestream will be watching closely.


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